Jacobs’ vote to oust Greene could be sign of saner Republican Party

Posted 5 February 2021 at 3:19 pm


Hats off to our Republican Congressman, Chris Jacobs (R-NY). Democratic House Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries just opined that “The party of Lincoln is gone. The party of Reagan is gone. The party of John McCain is gone. This is now the party of Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Greene, a Republican from Georgia, has endorsed violence against and assassinations of top Democrats, denied 9/11, and claimed school shooting were false flag staged murder.

The one I find most astounding so far is her claim that last year’s California wild fires were started by a Jewish Space Laser. When her committee assignments were on the line, Greene lied about what she had said and when she said it.

Jacobs spotted that and voted to boot her for the good of the country. More Republicans voted to kick her out in conference than on the floor but some similar nuts cheered for her.

Our Congressman obviously understands we need a sane Republican Party standing in opposition, contributing well thought out alternatives and not just blowing smoke – smoke has been the story of the day since we had both President(s) Bush. (I often disagreed but they were by and large thoughtful leaders – particularly the first Bush who cleaned up the broken saving and loan industry and reinstated old taxes on the wealthy in order to put us on track to clear the deficit.)

Greene says she is the new face of the Republican Party working in tandem with Donald Trump – who also never saw a good conspiracy he did not like.

So the battle is on. 1) Conspiracy nuts with mangled facts or 2) those who focus on things we see and can explain what to do to make life better.

Remember the Roosevelt to Nixon era was when the middle class grew and did so phenomenally well because to two sane parties worked together. This was back when people got the same news from reputable (still reputable) sources.

Two sane parties is good. If one breaks further, that’s bad. The country has enough on its plate to spend time and attention dealing with kooks but this has to be straightened out. We have no choice and Congress’s vote, and Jacob’s, vote was a start.

Conrad F. Cropsey