Jacobs uses fear-mongering in criticism of NY’s bail reform

Posted 5 February 2022 at 5:14 pm


In a recent letter Congressman Chris Jacobs asserts that bail reform is responsible for an increase in crime. He cites a number of national crime statistics to support his claim.

So, Mr. Jacobs is saying that a New York law is causing a nation-wide crime spree. That is a remarkable claim. Let’s think about this. Bail is set to ensure the individual, who is accused of a crime, would appear in court at a later date. This person is still innocent.

Those who could afford bail were then released those who could not afford bail were then detained. This system criminalized being poor. Furthermore, studies and real world experience in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Buffalo have shown that bail reform, like New York’s law, do not increase crime or recidivism.

Where is the evidence to connect bail reform with this nation-wide crime spree? There is none, period. This is just another example of Mr. Jacobs using fear-mongering to get his base to vote for him because his policies do not help his constituents.

William Fine