Jacobs should support funding for micro-chip research and development

Posted 18 February 2022 at 1:58 pm


Congressman Chris Jacobs voted, along party lines, against H.R. 4521, the “America COMPETES Act of 2022.”

This legislation provides $52 billion for micro-chip research, development and private sector investment of manufacturing of micro-chips. Micro-chips are essential for our economic and national security interest.

Furthermore, this legislation provides $45 billion to strengthen our supply chain by acquisition of critical goods and equipment necessary for our national security and economic vitality. This legislation provides good jobs with competitive wages.

That is why this legislation has the support of the AFL-CIO, the United Steel Workers and the Alliance of American Manufacturers among others. While the Republican Party’s objective is to block Democrat success, Mr. Jacobs obligation is to the citizens he represents.

The poverty rate in Orleans County, Livingston County and Niagara Counties is greater than 10 percent, (U.S. Census report July 1 2021). Improving economic activity should be job one for Mr. Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs’ cynical opposition shows his devotion to national party politics not to the citizens he represents. We need a representative not a party bureaucrat.

William Fine