Jacobs should press for federal aid for small businesses, local governments

Posted 1 December 2020 at 10:08 am


It is nice to see Congressman Chris Jacobs taking an interest in the district, listening to the suffering of restaurants and small businesses.

However, Mr. Jacobs voted against $2.2 trillion package that would offer relief of those restaurants and small businesses. In terms of the $138 billion being held up in the Paycheck Protection Program, Congressman Bob Gibbs (R-Oh) wrote in The Hill (10/5/20): “I signed the discharge petition which, if having received enough signatures from congressional representatives, would force the bill to the House floor for a vote. Right now, there aren’t enough Republicans in the House for that to happen.”

If there aren’t enough Republicans in the House signing the discharge petition, how is that Democrats’ fault.

It is true that small businesses and restaurants are financially suffering as well as government at all levels. Mr. Jacobs and his family business received millions in tax breaks from the 2017 Republican tax bill.

It is now time that small businesses, restaurants and local and state government get help from the federal government. Stop blaming Democrats for your failures to help the district; do your job.

Let’s get government working for the constituents of the district and support small businesses and local government.

William Fine