Jacobs says Biden’s budget proposal takes spending to ‘unimaginable heights’

Posted 28 May 2021 at 9:07 pm

Press Release, Congressman Chris Jacobs

ORCHARD PARK – Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) released the following statement in response to the President’s $6 trillion budget proposal.

“This President has taken reckless spending to unimaginable heights. His spending binge has resulted in an abysmal jobs report, small businesses struggling to find employees, and Americans experiencing a decade-high increase in inflation this past month,” Jacobs said. “All around the country, Americans are being effectively taxed into oblivion from the President’s reckless partisan spending – they are feeling it at the pump, in the grocery store, and with just about every purchase they make for their families.

“Americans do not need the President to spend trillions of tax dollars to ‘reshape an economy’ that was hitting record highs before the pandemic. They also do not need him to raise taxes on small businesses and individuals by $3 trillion over the next decade to pay for his partisan wish list.

“Americans need the President to come back down to earth and propose fiscally responsible policies. I look forward to working with my Republican colleagues on the Budget Committee to develop a smart, responsible counterproposal.”

Today, the President unveiled his FY22 budget proposal priced at $6 trillion dollars. The budget projects $3 trillion in tax increases over the next decade, and projects a massive increase in the federal deficit.

Jacobs joined the House Budget Committee during the 116th Congress and continues to serve on it in the 117th.