Jacobs misses mark with criticism of Biden’s energy policies

Posted 28 March 2022 at 5:10 pm


In a letter to the Orleans Hub (3/25/22) Congressman Chris Jacobs offers his criticism of the Biden administration’s agricultural policies.

Mr. Jacobs cited the high cost of fuel and government policies that are hurting farmers. Perhaps some context is in order. It needs to be pointed out that New York State’s only bioethanol fuel plant is in Mr. Jacobs district, in Medina.

The ethanol produced comes mostly from corn grown locally. Mr. Jacobs could help lower fuel cost and help local farmers by promoting higher ethanol blends, E15 and E85. This would also help reduce greenhouse gases.

Beyond this it also needs to be pointed out that the Biden administration has issued 3,557 permits for oil and gas drilling on federal lands, which is more than the previous administration issued in its first year, (Center for Biological Diversity, press release 1/21/22). With the high demand and high fuel prices the question that Mr. Jacobs should ask is why aren’t oil companies drilling or increasing production which would lower prices.

It also needs to be pointed out that because of the previous administrations disastrous trade policies farmers were dependent upon government handouts. Walter Scheitzer, the Montana Farmers Union President, told NBC, (1/29/22) that the majority of net farm income in 2019 came from subsidies whereas the majority of net farm income in 2021 came from farm production.

Today prices of soybean, corn and other commodities allow farmers to succeed without government bailouts. Mr. Jacobs is failing his constituents. The citizens of this district deserve a representative.

William Fine