Jacobs has big leads in all 8 counties of the 27th Congressional District

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 24 June 2020 at 8:48 am

Chris Jacobs topped his challengers in all eight counties of the 27th Congressional District with the votes at the polls on Tuesday and in early voting.

Chris Jacobs

Jacobs declared victory last night, saying his leads are insurmountable even with tens of thousands of absentee ballots to be counted next week. Nate McMurray, Jacobs’ main opponent in a special election, wants all of the votes counted before declaring a victor.

Jacobs has a big lead over McMurray in a district that is heavily Republican. Jacobs, a state senator from Buffalo, was far ahead in a Republican primary for the 27th. Beth Parlato, a family law attorney and former Darien town justice, came in second in seven of the eight counties with in-person voting. Stefan Mychajliw, a former television news reporter and the current Erie County comptroller, was third in seven of the counties, but came in second in Erie County behind Jacobs.

Jacobs and McMurray were running against each other to fill out the remainder of a term vacated by Chris Collins, who resigned on Sept. 30, 2019. He pleaded guilty to an insider trading scheme and awaits sentencing to 26 months in federal prison.

The Republican primary was to be the Republican candidate in November for the full two-year term. McMurray will be back in November and will face Jacobs in a rematch.

Here are the results of the eight-county district with in-person voting.

27th Congressional District Special Election

• Erie County

Chris Jacobs (R, I) – 23,881

Nate McMurray (D, WF) – 9,876

Duane Whitmer (Lib) – 343

Michael Gammariello (Gre) – 173

• Niagara County

Chris Jacobs (R, I) – 10,523

Nate McMurray (D, WF) – 4,823

Duane Whitmer (Lib) – 151

Michael Gammariello (Gre) – 96

• Genesee County

Chris Jacobs (R, I) – 4,536

Nate McMurray (D, WF) – 1,565

Duane Whitmer (Lib) – 155

Michael Gammariello (Gre) – NA

• Orleans County

Chris Jacobs (R, I) – 2,804

Nate McMurray (D, WF) – 674

Duane Whitmer (Lib) – 43

Michael Gammariello (Gre) – 17

• Wyoming County

Chris Jacobs (R, I) – 3,329

Nate McMurray (D, WF) – 759

Duane Whitmer (Lib) – 53

Michael Gammariello (Gre) – 25

• Livingston County

Chris Jacobs (R, I) – 4,476

Nate McMurray (D, WF) – 2,314

Duane Whitmer (Lib) – 102

Michael Gammariello (Gre) – 53

• Ontario County

Chris Jacobs (R, I) – 3,982

Nate McMurray (D, WF) – 2,588

Duane Whitmer (Lib) – 83

Michael Gammariello (Gre) – 52

• Monroe County

Chris Jacobs (R, I) – 1,732

Nate McMurray (D, WF) – 1,169

Duane Whitmer (Lib) – 36

Michael Gammariello (Gre) – 13

Republican Primary for 27th Congressional District

• Erie County

Chris Jacobs, 10,216

Stefan Mychajliw, 4,453

Beth Parlato, 3,328

• Niagara County

Chris Jacobs, 5,221

Stefan Mychajliw, 1,429

Beth Parlato, 1,686

• Genesee County

Chris Jacobs, 2,473

Stefan Mychajliw, 340

Beth Parlato, 1,099

• Orleans County

Chris Jacobs, 1,775

Stefan Mychajliw, 230

Beth Parlato, 472

• Wyoming County

Chris Jacobs, 1,824

Stefan Mychajliw, 374

Beth Parlato, 662

• Livingston County

Chris Jacobs, 2,935

Stefan Mychajliw, 278

Beth Parlato, 987

• Ontario County

Chris Jacobs, 2,377

Stefan Mychajliw, 325

Beth Parlato, 881

• Monroe County

Chris Jacobs, 1,086

Stefan Mychajliw, 71

Beth Parlato, 348

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