Jacobs doing photo-ops rather than working on massive unemployment in GLOW counties

Posted 17 September 2020 at 9:23 am


Chris Jacobs held a press conference on Monday 9/14/20 to announce his plan to eliminate the Scaffold Law on federally funded projects, H.R. 8222 (Orleans Hub 9/15/20).

This sounds just like John Faso’s proposal on 9/21/17 H.R. 3808 to eliminate the Scaffold Law on federal projects. With Republican control of the House, the bill was defeated; Republicans would not support the legislation.

Let’s be clear this was a photo-op to make it look like Mr. Jacobs is doing something for infrastructure while knowing it will go nowhere. This is not a serious proposal. Meanwhile, unemployment in GLOW region is climbing (Orleans Hub 8/27/20) and there are long lines at food banks (Orleans Hub 9/11/20).

While the misery index climbs, Republicans refuse to act on massive unemployment and food insecurity. We need a leader in Washington not a subordinate sloganeer showboat.

Nate McMurray is the leader we need.

William Fine