Jacobs doesn’t redeem himself with vote to knock Greene off committees

Posted 5 February 2021 at 3:09 pm


Our seditionist congressman, Chris Jacobs, voted to undo our votes, challenging the counting of the electoral votes, in defiance of 60 court decisions. Who can be OK with a representative who voted against our Democratic process?

Jacobs supported Trump’s “Big lie” embracing and enabling him more than any other politician in our area, except Chris Collins. Jacobs was strong enough in his opinion to be a speaker, on stage, at QAnon rallies not long ago.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jacobs are much alike. The pair both suddenly abandoned strong convictions, turned 180 degrees. Jacobs actually voted against a fellow Republican, to strip Greene of committee assignments.

We all know it couldn’t be bravery. Maybe cowardice? Maybe a mistake vote again? More red flags. Chris Jacobs is a chameleon, a reptile who can change color quickly, as needed. Jacobs is not reliable and strong, true to his word; Jacobs is someone not to be trusted.

Maybe privilege and wealth have given Jacobs an attitude of superiority, that he can get away with anything in his kingdom. Maybe his big donors don’t like the optics of Jacobs’ traitorous, coup attempt.

We are not fools, nor pawns. We will not forget.

Carol Nochajski