Jacobs postured to Trump supporters in opposing Biden’s electoral certification

Posted 8 January 2021 at 11:53 am


Dawn on Wednesday brought historic news that a Black man and a Jewish man were elected as senators in the south. The place was Georgia, the last of the Confederate slave states to return to the Union. It seemed like our country had come full circle.

An afternoon ceremony, usually a half-hour formality, included added political posturing. Our WNY Congressman Chris Jacobs, jumped onto the Trump wagon, sided with the mini-Trumps of the future and mob of terrorists and voted No to certify Biden’s presidential election. The stunt blew up their faces! Each deserves to wear a scarlet “S” as a seditionist.

Violence was incited by the President of the U.S. domestic terrorists disrespectfully desecrated our U.S. Capitol, the heart of our democracy. How did they get into the Capitol with so little resistance? Were they told to stand down? Why were these white men not treated as criminals or as black men would be treated?

A Confederate battle flag actually inside the U.S. Capitol was historical. This has never happened before, never during the Confederacy, never during the Civil War, never during reconstruction, never during the Civil Rights Act or First Ku Klux Klan Act of 1870, never during re-emergence of the KKK in the 1920s, not even as modern display began use as a response to the civil rights movement of 50s and 60s. January 6, 2021 domestic terrorists brazenly, historically, carried the Confederate Flag into our U.S. Capitol, the heart of our democracy.

On the news Thursday night, a day after the insurrection, Trump loyalist Jacobs said, “Yesterday was an American day we came together and got the job done.” I hope that he meant that the job was the acceptance of the Biden presidency. Jacobs’ statement was not enough for me.

Americans have finally woken up. We the people need to speak up. Call out officials as well as ordinary citizens to answer to the law. Our democracy is about us. The Buffalo News article “The Coward” is about “candy man” Jacobs; resign now.

Carol Nochajski