Inmate assaults 5 staff members at Orleans Correctional Facility

Posted 13 February 2023 at 8:49 pm

Press Release, NYS Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association

ALBION –  A 45-year-old inmate who was already being housed in the Residential Rehabilitation Unit (RRU), sucker-punched an officer in the face as the inmate was being escorted to the visit room at the medium security correctional facility on Saturday.

The inmate was being processed in the visit room when he struck the escorting officer in the face during an unprovoked attack, NYSCOPBA officials said in a news release. Two nearby officers immediately responded to the attack as the inmate continued to be combative with staff.

OC spray was administered to the inmate, but the scuffle continued to the floor. Two other officers responded and utilized body holds to the still combative inmate. Ultimately, officers were able to gain control of the inmate’s arms and place him in wrist restraints. Once in handcuffs, the inmate became compliant and was escorted to be decontaminated and checked out by medical staff.

The initial officer in the attack sustained swelling and bruising in his face and jaw, pain in his shoulder and potential inner ear damage. One of the other responding officers noted shoulder and wrist pain. Both were transported to an outside hospital for further evaluation. The initial officer who was sucker-punched in the face by the inmate has been unable to return to work due to his injuries.

The other three officers were treated by facility medical staff for a variety of abrasions and scratches, and remained on duty.

The inmate is serving a 12-year sentence after being convicted in Erie County in 2016 for drug possession. He previously served 12 years in prison after being convicted of assault, robbery, and criminal possession of a weapon in 1998.

“Another day, another officer assaulted in our state prison system. This time it’s Orleans Correctional Facility’s turn where five officers were injured in an unprovoked attack,” said stated Kenny Gold, NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President.

“Last week, NYS Legislators claimed they haven’t seen data indicating a rise in violence in our RRU’s since HALT,” Gold said. “Well look no further. This inmate, who was already being housed in the RRU and was on his way to the visiting room, punched an officer in the face rather than spend time with his loved ones. The message couldn’t be clearer. Certain individuals in the incarcerated community know that with the HALT Act in place, there are no significant consequences for violent behavior, and they are taking full advantage.”