Infrastructure bill, without Jacobs’ support, will have big benefits for WNY

Posted 12 November 2021 at 8:38 am


There is much to celebrate and be thankful for.

The 2021 historic bipartisan largest infrastructure bill in nearly a century will provide: 2 million new, good jobs per year, repair of hundreds of thousands of miles of roads and bridges, investment in climate change mitigation, transportation and highway safety for all users, including trucks, hazardous materials, cyclists and pedestrians, a modernized public transit system, upgraded airports, ports and waterways, a rebuilt electric grid, with thousands of miles of new power lines, expanded renewable energy, low-cost affordable internet for everyone, access to clean drinking water for everyone, protection from drought, floods, cyberattacks, and environmental pollution remediation.

In WNY a major thank-you to representative Tom Reed (R) for having the courage to the right thing. Thanks to Charles Schumer (D), Kirsten Gillibrand (D), and Brian Higgins (D) for serving in our best interests.

According to the Buffalo News predictions we are likely to see impact locally starting in spring: help in our homes for weatherization and lead pipe removal, and our community with the airport runway, ramps and train terminal renovation.

Chris Jacobs (R) delivered a no vote for prosperity in Western New York. In a statement on his infrastructure vote, Jacobs blathered and driveled, actually blamed Nancy Pelosi. “She has held the infrastructure hostage and politicized an issue where I believe there is broad bipartisan agreement. Because of these circumstances I cannot support any bill that supports the Democrats’ reckless plot to burden small businesses and families with higher taxes and stick our grandchildren with the tab.”

We are not fools. Remember Jacobs’ support for the former president with the third-biggest deficit increase of any president (even before the pandemic), a profoundly damaging legacy, saddling the next generations with debt?

Chris Jacobs, stay home, no photo ops for your no vote for prosperity in WNY. Do not have the audacity to show your face at the ribbon cutting ceremonies of these future projects. We will remember your no vote … or maybe it was another “mistaken vote” and you will say that you actually meant yes, when it suits you.

Carol Nochajski