Independent voters, Haley supporters are keys to thwarting Trump and threats to democracy

Posted 11 May 2024 at 10:29 am


Donald Trump’s coalition of angry, paranoid, power-hungry, money-hungry, racist, and low-information voters is not going away.

Former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele (a host on MSNBC) points out that even after Nikki Haley dropped out her motivated voters made their dissatisfaction clear by turning out in meaningless primaries. They are partisan Republicans – tied by friendship, tradition and belief – but walked right across the MAGA line. Steele thinks Haley  voters and independents are key to the election.

In the current Trump trial, the former president already appealed the gag order to stop threatening and intimidating witnesses. He can not stop himself. But it’s Mafia bosses who make threats, not innocent people or Presidents. Trump and  MAGA mimic the mob. That is what good people hate and fear.

Trump is even welcoming back convicted felons with Russian ties to run his campaign. That is outrageous stuff but it’s happening. MAGA entertainers leave that news on the cutting room floor.

This New York trial is the least serious matter. A not guilty does not invite dictatorship. But with one juror who gets his information from Trump’s Truth Social, I suspect a hung jury.  Even so if you look Fox is completely editing out damning  trial evidence to keep it from voters. It’s keeping the fiction going. Trying to elect someone who will keep its ratings up.

On the other hand real history is instructive. Here are a few examples:

In the 1859 election the North rejected a “fixed”  slavery oriented Supreme Court and threats of war by the South and elected a forward-looking country lawyer named Abraham Lincoln. Freedom won out.

The Tilden Hayes election in 1880 resulted in the counting laws which Pence followed on Jan. 6th. They secured the state certification process. Secure elections won out.

The Great Depression was fixed and WWII kept from spreading here by a crippled Franklin Roosevelt. He was elected to invest in labor and not the rich. That started the boom which continued through to the Reagan tax cuts which actually ignored labor with its fake “supply side” promises – fake economics. Roosevelt also sided with freedom’s friends, our friends, in the war and won. The best of democracy showed through.

This year we have to keep war in Europe, make sure the Mideast doesn’t blow up, and continue to bring our economy to a soft landing. And we have to stop Trump’s threats to impose rules and laws which can only happen under a dictator with the full immunity he demands.

(Meanwhile, speaking of dictatorship, Trump held a meeting last month with oil executives at Mara Lago illegally promising repeal of environmental laws in return for a billion in campaign contributions.)

Election season is coming and informed voters will find Biden does not talk like, expressly revere, or act like a Capone who demands allegiance from those who blindly support him – or express admiration for dictators who are the enemy of freedom.

MAGA will survive in some form. Our job is to talk freely and not let Trump and entertainers have the last word. All the news has to be discussed and we need to let those on line know that there are friends of democracy here to embrace them. That’s being a real American.


Conrad F. Cropsey