Independent investigation needed for nursing home deaths in pandemic, other state ‘fiefdoms’

Posted 10 February 2021 at 8:47 am


If Governor Cuomo ignored his science advisors without irrefutable good reason or lied about nursing homes and Covid response, we need to know.

Given the limitations our Constitution places on our legislators’ power with the Governor, I think this may be the straw to trigger an independent investigation into not only nursing homes, hospitals, and Department of Health but also into all the legal fiefdoms, commissions, authorities, etc. we have which stand in the way of efficiently getting things done in this state.

Each party runs its own version of Tammany Hall.

When I tell lawyers from other states about all our thousands of entities with their hands in the till, they laugh. But when we are talking about thousands of deaths, it’s not funny. It’s time for an independent commission and reform.

It’s our right to know and hear both the good and the bad from people without their fingers in the pie.

Conrad F. Cropsey