In town races, Pogue has lead for Barre town supervisor

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 2 November 2021 at 10:47 pm

Suhr and Lauricella is close battle for Yates Town Board

The town races were fairly quiet this year with many of the candidates unopposed. However, Barre had the most contested races and incumbent Sean Pogue is ahead 289 to 258 over Gerald Solazzo.

Among the Town Board candidates, George McKenna has 346 votes and David Waters 336 for two seats. Steve Harling and Tom Decker mounted a write-in campaign and 427 write-ins were totaled. A breakdown isn’t available.

McKenna and Waters had the Republican line and also the independent “Voice of the Citizens.” Solazzo also ran with the “Voice of the Citizens.”

In other town results:

Albion — All of the candidates are unopposed.

  • Richard Remley, town supervisor – 444
  • Sandra Bensley, town councilman – 410
  • Arnold Allen Jr., town councilman – 397

Carlton – Two are vying for town clerk with incumbent Karen Narburgh having the Republican and Conservative lines while Dori Goetze runs under the independent “Be the Change.” Other Carlton candidates are unopposed: Kevin Hurley for town justice, Jeff Gifaldi and Debbie Yokel for Town Board, and Kurt Van Wyke for highway superintendent.

  • Town Clerk – Karen Narburgh, 409; Dori Goetze, 211
  • Town Justice – Kevin Hurley, 469
  • Town Board – Jeff Gifaldi, 435; Debbie Yockel, 433
  • Highway Superintendent – Kurt Van Wyke, 495

Clarendon – Richard Moy is unopposed for another term as town supervisor, while three candidates seek two spots on the Town Board. Chris Caufield and Marc Major are backed by the Republican Party and William Fox is running as a Democrat.

  • Town Supervisor – Richard Moy, 501
  • Town Board – Chris Caufield, 479; Marc Major, 460; and William Fox, 94

Gaines – The Republicans are all unopposed including Tyler Allport for town supervisor, Susan Heard for town clerk, Charles Prentice for town justice, and James Kirby and Kenneth Rush for Town Board.

  • Town Supervisor – Tyler Allport, 309
  • Town Board – James Kirby, 337; Kenneth Rush, 314.
  • Town Clerk – Susan Heard, 341
  • Town Justice – Charles Prentice, 332

Kendall – The candidates, all running under the Republican Party line, are unopposed including Anthony Cammarata for town supervisor, Amy Richardson for town clerk, Debra Kluth and Robert Fagan for town justice, Wayne Martin and Paul Jennings for Town Board, and Warren Kruger for highway superintendent.

  • Town Supervisor – Anthony Cammarata, 476
  • Town Board – Wayne Martin, 472; and Paul Jennings, 444
  • Town Clerk – Amy Richardson, 516
  • Town Justice – Debra Kluth, 473; and Robert Fagan, 443
  • Highway Superintendent – Warren Kruger, 478

Murray – The candidates are all unopposed on the ballot, including Joe Sidonio for town supervisor, Cindy Oliver for town clerk, Gary Passarell for town justice, Michael Mele and Paul Hendel for Town Board, and Dirk Lammes Jr. for highway superintendent. However, Ron Vendetti mounted a write-in campaign for town supervisor and Art Knab sought write-in support for the Town Board.

  • Town Supervisor – Joe Sidonio, 454; write-ins, 157
  • Town Clerk – Cindy Oliver, 553
  • Town Justice – Gary Passarell, 539
  • Town Board – Michael Mele, 513; Paul Hendel, 460; write-in, 49
  • Highway Superintendent – Dirk Lammes Jr., 546

Ridgeway – There were races for town clerk and the Town Board. For town clerk, Hannah Hill ran under the Republican line and independent “Hannah Hill for a Better Ridgeway” against Laurie Kilburn, who was endorsed by the Conservative Party and also ran under the independent “Laurie Kilburn for the People of Ridgeway.”

Three sought two spots on the Town Board including Jeff Toussaint and Cliff Barber, who ran as Republicans against David Stalker, who was backed by the Conservative Party. John Olinger was unopposed for highway superintendent.

  • Town Clerk – Hannah Hill, 695; Kilburn, 222
  • Town Board – Jeff Toussaint, 729; Cliff Barber, 705; David Stalker, 213
  • Highway Superintendent – John Olinger, 762

Shelby – Jeff Smith was uncontested for town supervisor and Stephen Seitz Sr. and Edward Zelazny ran unopposed for the Town Board.

  • Town Supervisor – Jeff Smith, 509
  • Town Board – Stephen Seitz, Sr., 474; Edward Zelazny, 481

Yates – Three sought two spots as town councilmen with Harold Suhr and Terry Chaffee Jr. running as Republicans against Paul Lauricella Jr., who was backed by the Conservative Party and also ran under the independent “Lyndonville Taxpayers First Party.” Jim Simon was unopposed for town supervisor and Donald Grabowski was uncontested for town justice.

  • Town Supervisor – Jim Simon, 330
  • Town Board – Terry Chaffee Jr., 286; Harold Suhr, 256; and Paul Lauricella, 253
  • Town Justice – Donald Grabowski, 397