In opposing Biden budget, Republicans want government to fail

Posted 9 June 2021 at 8:44 am


Congressman Chris Jacobs objects to President Biden’s budget because it will show that government still works; that it is not the problem.

Mr. Biden’s budget will strengthen the social safety net, invest in healthcare, provide child and elder care and strengthen our infrastructure. Republicans, like Mr. Jacobs, want government to fail to establish their form of anti-democratic government.

I have often wondered why Republicans made it harder to apply for government assistance, opposed healthcare, even opposed infrastructure projects like the major bridge connecting Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky and John Boehner’s Ohio. The Republican claims of “reckless spending,” “runaway inflation,” or “increase in taxes,” is just deception, as shown by their violation of every Republican principle during the Trump administration.

The real reason they oppose the budget is so government will fail. To create a climate of political cynicism, and alienation, so that people don’t feel connected to their government. This was made clear with the events of Jan. 6 and its aftermath.

Why don’t Republicans want to investigate the insurrection. The only reason I can think of that the insurrectionist are Republican constituents. Why do Republicans continue to tell the lie of voter fraud and use this lie to create laws designed to suppress voting? Again, the only reason I can think of that Republicans want to establish their form of anti-democratic government. Rather than improve the lives of their constituents Republicans work to make government the problem; to make government fail. Congressman Jacobs voted to overturn the election on Jan 6th and supported the insurrectionists. It is no surprise that he opposes anything that shows that the government still works.

William Fine