In Murray, vote for candidates focused on building strong team at Town Hall

Posted 15 June 2023 at 8:31 am


We can tell by the yard signs that it is election time once again, so I’ll try to offer my two cents worth without getting skewered too badly.

Ask yourself some questions. “Who do I support?” “Why should I support one person over the other?” “What are the candidate’s motivations for running?”

During my tenure as Supervisor I had one desire, and that was to do what is best for the Town within the law and with regards to consideration for all the stakeholders involved.

I learned a great deal in that time. I learned who I felt was more interested in using their position for their own gain, who had the best interest of the Town as their primary consideration, and who gave effort above and beyond that required.

I was blessed to work with some of the most dedicated people I have ever known.

Cindy Oliver comes immediately to mind. She is the flywheel, the major source of energy that guarantees the Town runs smoothly in greased gears. She is not up for election this time around, but when she is, she is the most critical cog in the machine who would always have my endorsement.

No Town can function in these modern times without a great attorney. Jeff Martin provided constant steady guidance and has been sorely missed in his position since his departure at the end of my term.

Louise Passarell was one the hardest working employees the Town of Murray ever had. She performed many functions, from Water Clerk to Assistant Highway Superintendent to custodial work on weekends. She was also the Assistant Assessor until such time that she studied hard and completed a course of training to become Assessor upon the retirement of Lynn Wood. She did so well she completed her examinations as #1 in the County, which made her appointment to that position all the more appropriate.

Ed Morgan, our former Highway Superintendent, retired shortly after my departure receiving many professional accolades from his peers for the outstanding performance of his duties during his long career with the Town of Murray. One such achievement was the completion of over 97% public water lines to service the people of Murray.

So, why should I bring all this up? The issue is that we worked together. Everyone knew their job, knew how it impacted everyone else’s work, and did their best for the Town of Murray. The only one remaining from such a strong core group is Cindy Oliver.

Sadly, we lost many fine and qualified individuals for the sole reason that they could not perform as a team any longer. One caustic personality, who has over the years yet to convince me he works for anyone but himself, has personally driven away from Murray many such fine individuals.

In almost every situation he seeks to promote legislation and exploit opportunities which only serve his purposes. That is not public service but self service. Some of the initiatives may benefit others, but in the long run do not be so blind to not see that his primary motivation is his own and his family’s best interests.

In closing, I will be supporting those individuals who I firmly believe have the best interests of the Town as their sole motivation, all of whom have been endorsed by your Town of Murray Republican Committee.

Gerry Rightmyer for Supervisor

Lloyd Christ for Town Council

Randy Bower for Town Council

Elaine Berg for Town Council

I have known most of them for many years and believe in their values and integrity. I humbly ask that you consider supporting them as you make sure to vote in the Primary Election on June 27th.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert G. Miller