In Murray, the push for better town governance will continue

Posted 13 November 2018 at 7:50 am


The campaign for better governance raised issues in Town of Murray policy. I would have expected a more focused response from our officials instead of defensive bullying and diversionary character attacks. One must question the motivations of our two senior elected officials who led the charge.

Our town supervisor submitted a letter to the editor in this forum which knowingly contained material misrepresentations of fact. The letter was subsequently removed and justifiably so. His response to the removal was to arrogantly mock the credibility of the Orleans Hub and the Friends of Holley and Murray forum.

Murray documents clearly prove our water department is losing a lot of money. Its fund balances are in decline and Mr. Morgan hasn’t produced one ounce of evidence to the contrary. Ironically, the day after the election he requested a November 27th work meeting to discuss raising water rates and the sustainability of his department. If all is well, why the meeting after the election?

Mr. Morgan, I would encourage you to check your records and facts. While our home is not in your water district, my wife pays on at least 7 parcels on our road which contributes significantly to your operations and maintenance. We have access to Holley public water at our residence and don’t need the additional burden of another 38-year payment for the same water from you. Your rhetoric is simply to sidestep documented fact that your Murray Water Department is a mismanaged financial train wreck.

The only political issue respectfully addressed was the Holley School Board of Education’s response to the campaign signs. The school board acknowledged it overstepped. That shows maturity and good faith. The issue is not the signs. The real issue is voting at the school. I am proud of the courage displayed by the 9 candidates who stood their ground against government infringement of their rights. Their courage contributed to a better understanding of government and the entire community will benefit from the experience. I look forward to the discussion in the coming months and hats off to the School Board for rolling up your sleeves and working on it.

Hopefully we can work on restoring confidence in our town government. Untruths, bullying and repeated denial of documented fact by top officials only creates hate, division and political instability. Our children are watching. What are we teaching them??

So, the struggle for better town government will continue. I never said it would be easy. We’ve come a long way from the days of bombing houses and burning barns but clearly still have a long way to go.

To the more than 600 people who agree with me and would like to improve our community, thank you.

Next year is another election year. Three seats are up on the board. The process begins in Spring.

Joseph Sidonio