In election look at morals of candidates, weigh evidence of their claims

Posted 31 August 2020 at 8:19 am


At one time I thought we would be voting about the character of Presidential candidates. Many decided who they thought worse last time.

This year we are voting about what type of person we are.  For example:

1. At the funeral parlor do you comfort the family or tell them “all lives matter” and “everyone dies”?

2. Do you believe what people tell you about crime rates or do you look for yourself? (I found NYC in 1990 had 2,500 murders and now under a Democrat and different policing training had 550 in 2019? Not what Rudy said.)

3. Do you think high bids on your stock is more important than unemployment being at a 70-year high with tens of thousands of employers closed?

4. Can you reconcile the federal crime reform law our President brags about which let people out of prisons with his promises to put people in jail?

5. Do you think God delegated golfers, anyone, authority to judge church-goers’ souls?

6. Do you prescribe your own medicine? Do you reject any and all recent medical advances. What about discontinued drugs when the FDA has found bad side effects and taken them off the market?

7. Do you believe the guy who says he wants to give police raises or the guy who will deny them money in the third stimulus package?

8. When mail delivery is down 12 percent, do you think the USPS head should show us the study he says proves cutbacks will work out – particularly as it a study he also testified he has never read?

9. Is your fear of socialism so deep you support doing away with all health insurance because joint buying power is socialist?

10. Are you worried that the Social Security actuaries say payroll tax elimination will cause SS and Medicare to run out of money in 2023?

11. When Rudy Giuliani takes a Russian film crew – One America News Network (OANN), also known as One America News (OAN) – to Urkaine are you going to listen or laugh when he airs his report about that trip?

12. Do you believe in jury verdict? How many does it take for you to suspect a pattern?

13. Do you believe with our death rate and job attrition rates so high we can keep up with countries which do not have those problems?

It seems to me in this 2020 election we are voting about who we are – our morals, our concern for others, our superstitions and our gullibility or lack thereof.

Conrad F. Cropsey