In electing Murray highway superintendent consider experience from ‘the ground up’

Posted 30 October 2020 at 9:15 am


I would like to take a moment to thank the former Highway Superintendent for shedding light on the diverse responsibilities of the position. As the Supervisor of Holley’s Department of Public Works, I agree experience matters.

As a former contractor I was responsible for budgets, bidding, equipment purchases, personnel and leadership. You get up pre-dawn lace up your boots and set the tone for the day and often work late after dinner preparing for the next day. In the end there is no better education than risking your own home to build a successful business. You understand that it’s your employees who make it happen. Mutual trust and respect are earned in time and it takes management and employee cooperation to succeed.

I also interviewed for the Murray Highway Superintendent endorsement. The underlying theme of the interview was experience. The questions were direct and all business. They were interested in experience in roads, water and leadership qualities.

Mr. Morgan repeatedly acknowledges experience matters. From Dennis Mandigo’s 20 years of experience to the Town of Murray employees with “the operational skills and “experience” to maintain the high level of service that you, the residents, have come to expect and deserve.”

It is the years of practical, hands on, highway project experience that train an individual, allowing him to accumulate the wisdom and gain the knowledge to be able to most effectively LEAD and administer a highway department.

When you go to the polls on November 3rd, elect a highway Superintendent who understands the inner workings of the highway business from the ground up. Someone who will lead the Department with the experience learned over decades in the industry. Someone who understands the administration as well as the operational requirements with a proven track record.

David Nenni

Superintendent of Public Works, Holley