Immigrant’s daughter thankful United States welcomed her father, who fled Nazi Germany

Posted 17 July 2018 at 5:30 pm


Thank you Bob Golden for your letter to the Editor on July 13, 2018.  I do not know you and am not familiar with the Social Justice Committee at Holy Family Parish. However, I am the daughter of an immigrant who was fleeing Nazi Germany.

My father’s family was not Jewish but young German boys were forced to join the Nazi Youth Group if they stayed in Germany. He was about 19 years old when he came to America.   Luckily, my father and other family members were welcomed to America via Ellis Island with the Statue of Liberty standing tall.

The anti-Jewish, anti-German sentiment starting to spread through America had not reached its fever pitch yet. I would not exist today to write this letter had his ship been turned around at the New York Harbor.

My father did not speak much if any English. He had little money and only an 8th grade education. My father worked at low-income labor jobs throughout most of his life. I have a copy of his citizenship papers. He married an American girl. His son, my brother, and I both excelled in public school and college. We turned out to be hard workers, never in trouble with the law, and productive American citizens.

My story has been replicated millions of times for America has been and should always be a “nation of immigrants.” I find in Mr. Golden’s letter a lot of effort to research actuality and not just blurt out “fears” and “assumptions.” Mr. Golden also exhibits common sense and compassion. Mr. Golden comprehends the true meaning of America and American values.

Thank you, Mr. Golden for taking the time to express your views publicly.

Elizabeth Storch