Hunters should check with landowners for permission during hunting season

Posted 21 August 2017 at 10:01 am


Now is the time for sportsmen and women to prepare for the upcoming hunting season. In our family, the tradition starts with purchasing our licenses, checking the opening dates, buying ammunition, cleaning and siting in the guns and making sure we have enough of the proper clothing.

I would like to recommend another very important preparation, often overlooked but essential, nevertheless. That is securing the permission of the landowner if you plan to hunt on someone else property. I have heard many say, “I have always hunted there.” That may be true, but property changes hands, or circumstances change. It’s best to talk to the landowner every season, way in advance and get a letter of permission to carry into the field. It is the courteous thing to do.

It’s important to know who else may be hunting the area, too. The landowner may be able to tell you. In my family, we coordinate the days we plan to be afield based on who else may have permission to be out there. The dangerous hunter is one who did not secure permission.  Don’t be one of those. Have a safe and successful hunting season.

Al Capurso