Howard has impressive credentials in work at DA’s Office

Posted 2 June 2024 at 8:53 am


I would like to personally thank Susan Howard for taking the time to introduce herself to my family and me. Her resume is very impressive.

She was appointed Assistant District Attorney in 2005 and promoted to 1st Assistant in 2011 by District Attorney Cardone. Currently she has 25 indictments pending and 64 felony cases. If you think she’s not tough on crime because she’s a woman think again.

She has incarcerated criminals for a cumulative 150-plus years She prosecutes all of the assault and contraband cases from Albion and Orleans Correctional Facilities. The list continues and includes every aspect of every imaginable issue including supervision, budgeting and human resources for the office.

I was unaware that her opponent was only part time, recently changing his address to meet the residency requirements for the position should he win. Susan on the other hand is a lifelong resident of Orleans County, raising her children here. Furthermore she’s passionate about hiring local and former Orleans County residents, encouraging them to return whenever she can.

Recently SCOPE met with both Susan Howard and her opponent. The SCOPE membership diligently applied standardized rating procedures and engaged in extensive deliberations to determine the following District Attorney candidate gradings: Susan Howard – B, John Sansone – C.

As you can see Susan was given a better rating and this is important if you are a gun owner who believes in the 2nd Amendment.

It is imperative that the integrity of the District Attorney’s Office remain independent and never used for political purpose.

In speaking with Ms. Howard she has impressed me with the knowledge, experience and values necessary to uphold the office. If you have any questions or concerns contact her as I did.

As a Vietnam veteran who served in the U.S. Army’s 23rd Infantry Division, I encourage all Orleans County veterans and voters to vote for Susan Howard for District Attorney starting with the primary election on June 25th.

Jim Johnson