House should hold president accountable with impeachment vote

Posted 18 December 2019 at 3:22 pm


Later today the House will vote to impeach President Trump. I keep hearing shouts about winning, process, and the like.

I have studied everything carefully and do not see things in that light. We tell ourselves that the Rule of Law is paramount in the United States and the world respects us because of our adherence to law and long established traditions which protect our democracy.

The House was clearly going to pass on alleged criminal matters revealed in the Mueller report that are better left to criminal authorities for investigation and review.  But after my review of the Ukraine situation which occurred after President Trump assumed office, I think the most important thing now is that we are telling the world that at least one part of our government is still able to do the hard thing and try to enforce what the Constitution, our founders, and our history require.

That is an important message that requires bravery in the face of almost certain defeat.

I guess I would also like to note that the Christian bible requires us to pray for those we hope will do better. It’s good advice for people of all political stripes and persuasions.

Conrad Cropsey