Crew filming horror movie in Medina

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 26 May 2013 at 12:00 am

‘Dry Bones’ expected to be released this fall

Photos by Tom Rivers – The cast for ‘Dry Bones’ includes Debbie Rochon, center, who has appeared in about 200 films. The crew is shooting a scene inside the Medina Theatre this afternoon.

MEDINA – She seems nice enough. Debbie Rochon smiles, nods her head affirmatively, and listens.

But it’s all a mirage. Rochon will transform into a demon, her true identity in a horror film that includes footage inside the Medina Theatre.

The cast and crew of about 20 filmed for several hours today inside the theater at 607 Main St. The theater has a spacious room and balcony that will allow for great camera angles, said director Greg Lamberson.

He expects to complete shooting for the film, “Dry Bones,” next week. The

Cheektowaga director will work to have the film ready by late summer, in time for horror film festivals.

He shot most of the film from his house. The Medina Theatre was added after he screened one of his films, “Slim City Massacre,” at the location in December. Lamberson immediately liked the Medina Theatre for its historical features and big open room.

Orleans County residents Richard Ferris, left, and Michael O’Keefe, center, are extras in an upcoming horror film that includes the Medina Theatre as one of three locations for the film. Filmmakers like the theater for its spacious room and balcony.

“I’m always looking for places with potential,” said Lamberson, who has directed five films and produced six others.

Today was the second day of shooting at the theater, which will include three scenes in the upcoming film.

The theater’s bar and dining area will be used to set the stage when Rochon’s character reconnects with a childhood friend played by Michael O’Hear of Niagara Falls.

O’Hear’s character was traumatized as a boy when he watched his father be eaten by a monster hiding in his home. No one believed O’Hear. That demon is a succubus that can appear human. O’Hear’s character will discover that Rochon’s character actually is the demon.

“I like movies with a little scare in them,” O’Hear said.

Rochon starred in Slime City Massacre. She lives in Novia Scotia. She has worked as an actress for nearly three decades.

“With the horror film genre, you can play very extreme characters,” she said. “You can do a lot more emotionally. With horror movies, they’re a lot more fun.”

Director Greg Lamberson is ready to announce, “Action!” About 20 actors were inside Medina Theatre today while Lamberson captured footage of bar scenes for his upcoming film, ‘Dry Bones.’

Rochon on Saturday needed six hours to be turned into the demon character. That’s how long it took to apply her makeup and prosthetics.

Rochon said horror films are gaining in popularity and going mainstream, with horror series now even on network television.

Medina attorney Michael O’Keefe is an extra in the movie. He has been in 14 films since August. O’Keefe helped line up many of the extras for the Medina footage.

O’Keefe would like to get into directing or producing. He also is interested in entertainment law.

He wants to bring more of the film business to Orleans County. Besides using local locations for films, O’Keefe would like to see more films screened at the Medina Theatre. He worked to start the Canal Town Film Festival in December at Medina Theatre. Besides screening Slim City Massacre, “Snow Shark” was also shown. Sam Qualiana, director of photography for the film, is heading that effort for Dry Bones.

Lamberson said he would like to return to Medina Theatre to screen the new film later this year.