Honor fallen veterans with a salute and a commitment to country’s ideals

Posted 31 May 2021 at 9:06 am


Memorial Day is the day veterans honor our comrades who have gone to the post everlasting.

They are not to be mourned but to be paid the honor they deserve. They do not want us to cry at their grave, they want us to salute them.

To many people Memorial Day is the beginning of summer and to have fun. But few know the meaning of Memorial Day, especially the young people in our country. Memorial Day is part of our history.

Too many liberal educators and politicians do not want American history taught as fact, but want it to be what they say – not the true facts.

Memorial Day is the day we give honor to the veterans who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free from tyranny, freedom of speech, religion, press, freedom of assembly and the right to carry arms.

This is great, but we have elected officials who want to take away these rights. The members of post everlasting mourn for us and cry for us so we will not think they gave their lives for us and what we have and the guts to correct what is happening in our country. This is their message. “Lest we forget.”

Carl Boyle

U.S. Army veteran