Honor veterans on Memorial Day for their sacrifices in serving the country

Posted 26 May 2022 at 3:27 pm


Memorial Day on May 30 is the day that we honor all deceased veterans, those that paid by giving their lives in the wars and all that have died since serving their country.

We gather to honor them. We do not mourn them. We praise them. The deceased veterans made this country safe and free.

Today, the eagle cries as he did on 9/11. Why, we ask? The answer is loud and clear. Open your eyes and ears, see and listen to what is happening in this country.

School children dying in mass shootings killing other children, wide open border so anyone can come in, criminals, rapists, terrorists, sick, you name it. The powers that be hold a blind eye to what is going on in this country…the eagle cries.

The eagle cries for the veterans that have fought and served this country to keep us free and safe.

Take your children to a Memorial Day doing, whether Lyndonville, Medina or another community. They will learn and so will you. God bless America.

Carl Boyle, U.S. Army veteran