Holley youth wrestling club completes season

Contributed Story Posted 29 March 2017 at 10:56 am

Contributed Photo – Participants in the annual Holley Youth Wrestling Club’s program, which just completed its season, are shown here. In the first row are Angel Vazquez-Mendoza, Hawkins Daly, Mason McGuire, Noah Patten, Cole Fredendall, Parker Denning, and John Blosenhauer. In the second row are Kaden Rhienwald, Miguel Vazquez-Pulcino, Destin Brown, Arianna Silversmith, and Hunter Sommerfeldt. In the third row are Wayne Moyer, Trent Wright, William Kruger, Noah St. John, Shawn McAllister, and Peyton Wright. In the fourth row are Austin Berns, Frank Golisano, Robert Torres, Dylan Clemons, and Zander Carpenter.