Holley youth wrestlers complete season

Contributed Story Posted 25 March 2015 at 12:00 am

Contributed Photo – Holley Youth Wrestling Club members include, in row one from left, Jackson Baylor, Noah Patton, Alexander Kuszlyk, Max Pilon, Josh Silpoch, Miguel Vazques-Puccino and Skylar Zava. In row two, Arianna Silversmith, Peyton Silversmith, Michael Schoonmaker, Riker Knight, Tyler Moore, Wayne Moyer, Kaden Rheinwald, Brenden Trowbridge, Ethan Gonzales. In row three, Jacob Weaver, Gaiden Tower, Shawn McAllister, Quinn Price, Jonathan Simmons, Cecelia Farruggia, Trent Wright, Joey Silpoch. In row four, Emanuel Floyd, Carlos Alfanso, Dareo Garcia, Jordan Lonthair, Maximus Floyd, David Farruggia. In row five, Elijah Stanton, Dustin Wilston, Antonio Farruggia, Marc Cabic, Nathan Silversmith, Jacob Silpoch, Nathan Schoonmaker.

The Holley Wrestling Club ended on Tuesday as over 50 youths joined the club this season. Many of the Holley Wrestling Club students were in attendance at the Holley Wrestling Club Tournament and most recently at the Brockport Tournament held the past two weeks.

The Holley Wrestling Club was conducted by the Holley High School Wrestling Coaching Staff, experienced parents and current and former Holley Wrestlers. In this 5 week program, over 50 students learned basic wrestling techniques, sportsmanship and participated in drills and live wrestling.

The Holley youth wrestlers who competed at the Brockport Tournament this past Saturday and their place finish are as follows:

Age 5 and 6: Miguel Vazques-Puccino (2nd), Skyler Zava (3rd), Tyler Moore (5th) and Maxime Pilon (5th).

Age 7 and 8 : Michael Schoonmaker (3rd), Shawn McAllister (3rd) and Caiden Tower (4th).

Age 9 and 10 : Joey Bissanti, Morgan Blosenhauer (1st) and Carlos Alfanso (2nd).

Age 11 and 12: David farruggia (4th) and Dareo Garcia (2nd).

Age 13 and 14: Antonio Farruggia (4th) and Sydney Brown (1st)