Holley village will maintain services with scaled-down workforce

Posted 22 March 2020 at 6:59 pm


As we are moving quickly through these unprecedented times with information changing seemingly by the hour, I wanted to give Holley residents an update. In an effort to comply with the Governor’s request for reducing staff in order to slow the potential spreading of the COVID-19, and to plan to provide continuity of the necessary services, we have made the following operational changes effective Monday, March 23, and going forward:

For the DPW and Water/Electric Departments, our total staff working each day has been reduced with departments divided up into teams. We have the two teams alternating between working regular hours and the other team on “standby”. This allows us to maintain the basic critical maintenance each day, provide availability and service to residents if needed, while separating staff to minimize the opportunity for an entire department to be exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Those employees that are on standby are essentially on call and will come in to work if called upon.

While we are staffed and working, all Village offices are still closed to the public, as such you will notice that the doors will be closed and locked during regular business hours. Any needs that require in-person meetings (request for a new service, building permit, etc.) should be arranged first over the phone to schedule an appointment. All voicemails will be checked regularly to ensure that residents requests will be responded to in a timely fashion. At the main office we are still accepting payments through the drop box and through online payments.

I would also remind everyone to be wary of some of the stories and disinformation going around as these can just unnecessarily add to the anxiety level. If you are looking for factual information go to reputable sites such as the Orleans County Health Department page where you will find a page dedicated to the local impact of the Coronavirus along with other appropriate state and federal links. I will also assure you that the folks at the County level have been doing a great job keeping everyone up to date, informed, and available to help answer our questions. We are blessed to have so many hard working and dedicated professionals working on this.

On a personal note I realize that these are stressful times for everyone and our main goal is to ensure we continue to provide the residents in our community the services they need. We will do our part. But, I would also ask that during these times that you look out for one another, be kind, be respectful and we will get through this. Our community has proven time and time again that during tough times we know how to come together when it matters most.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office at (585) 638-6367. My best to all of you and your families! Be well and stay healthy!

Brian Sorochty

Mayor of Holley