Holley Village Office receives endless squirrel trinkets

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 12 February 2014 at 12:00 am

Photos by Tom Rivers – Village officials have received postcards with squirrels, stuffed animals of the creatures, and other squirrel merchandise that village officials proudly display on the front desk of the Village Office.

HOLLEY – Residents and Holley natives, in a show of support and perhaps a sign of humor, have been sending the Village Office all kinds of squirrel trinkets the past year, since Holley became famous for its Squirrel Slam hunting fund-raiser.

There are stuffed animals of squirrels, post cards with the animals, a squirrel wearing underpants and other squirrel merchandise on the front desk of the Village Office. All of the items have been given to the village, signs of appreciation for Holley and its commitment to a controversial fund-raiser for the fire department, said Village Clerk Jane Murray.

“The residents have been very supportive,” Murray said.

This one is taped to the wall by the front door.

Some animal rights activists have protested the event, where hunters shoot squirrels and win prizes for the heaviest ones. Activists, including at least one state legislator from New York City, have demanded the Slam be canceled.

Holley officials wouldn’t give in last February and the event went on with a record number of people participating, nearly 1,000. This year’s Slam will be Feb. 22. Participation has been capped at 650 and it’s already a sellout.

Activists are still opposing the event, but it hasn’t attracted the media frenzy like last year.

Holley Police Chief William Murphy will have five Holley police officers on duty on Feb. 22, as well as additional officers from the state police, Orleans County Sheriff’s Department and the Albion Police Department.

Another squirrel photo that hangs in the Village Office.