Holley trustee urges support for Mark Bower as Holley mayor in June 21 election

Posted 13 June 2022 at 1:19 pm


This is a reminder to the Village of Holley residents to come out and vote Tuesday, June 21st, in the Holley Village Office foyer from noon to 9 p.m.

As a member of the board these past five years I have seen many village improvements. I feel your board has done a great job and I would like to see them continue moving forward.

As a Trustee, Mark Bower has been a strong advocate for open and informed policies and wants to initiate a periodic newsletter to keep the residents informed. He also wants to continue to keep costs down and reduce unnecessary spending.

Being a good steward of the residents tax dollars and municipal funds is critical to continued progress. Mark has lived in the village for more than 40 years, served on the Holley School Board as a member and president and served as a member of the Village Zoning & Planning Board. Mark Bower would make an excellent mayor and would work hard to gain your trust.

Connie Nenni is seeking re-election as a trustee. She is a long-time resident and is the District Clerk and Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of the Holley Central School. Her valued knowledge on policies and procedures has kept the Village Board focused. She is also a proponent of reduced waste and open policies and feels that it takes a truly group effort to make things work in the Village. Your feedback is very important to Connie.

John Morriss, a lifelong resident of the village and former trustee, is a retired Greece school teacher. He is active in the Holley Fire Department and would like your support as a write-in candidate for Trustee. Mr. Morriss shares the fundamental values of fiscal responsibility and he will surely move the village forward.

The many improvements that have taken place include water lines and new sidewalks, with more being replaced as time and funds become available. We are finishing up the new water lines on Park Place and once each resident is hooked up to the new service lines the road can be repaired. The sidewalks on West Union are slated to be next. Additionally, materials for High Street have been ordered.

We are seeking estimates for the roof repairs for the gazebo, bathrooms and kiosk directory. We are waiting for grant monies to start on the state-required upgrades to our waste water treatment plant, and estimates are bring sought for roof repairs needed due to wind storm damage.

The Holley June Fest returned this year on June 4th. It was great seeing neighbors and visitors having big-time fun. I enjoyed visiting the yard sales, checking out all the vendors and fun activities along the canal walk, as well as sampling some tasty pizza, baked goods and ice cream.

We welcome our newest business: Red White & Moo Ice Cream stand, and look forward to the co-located Restoration Brewery which should be sometime in the fall. The Train Depot Museum is open again for visitors from noon to 3 p.m. Saturdays. Please stop by and learn about the history of Holley at the Train Depot Museum.

Rochelle Moroz


Ms. Moroz is a Village of Holley trustee.