Holley teachers will take pies on the face for Camp Good Days

Posted 16 June 2014 at 12:00 am

Press release, Holley Central School

HOLLEY – Teachers from Holley today will be ducking from flying tins of whipped cream and wiping their brows in a pie-throwing contest, all to help raise money for Camp Good Days and Special Times.

The event is being organized by Holley 8th graders and will feature 15 teachers and administrators who are willing to take a little ‘pie in the eye’ for a good cause. Students will be able to take their turn at throwing a pie for a dollar a try between 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. This event is one of many fun, outdoor activities that are scheduled to take place today as part of the school’s annual, end-of-the-year Academic Field Day celebration.

Hundreds of dollars in donations for the contest have already been collected for the cause and Camp Good Days representatives have been invited to attend.

Last month, the Camp’s Branchport location on Keuka Lake was damaged by heavy flooding and costly repairs threatened to delay its season opening. Around that time, students in Holley English teacher Suzanne Lepkowski’s class (as well as other eighth graders) were reading a book called The Acorn People by Ron Jones. The book tells a story about a camp counselor who becomes inspired by the people at his camp who are facing unimaginable physical hardships.

“The book resonated with students in a meaningful way,” said Lepkowski. “So, when students heard about the flooding at Camp Good Days and Special Times, they wanted to do something to help and teachers were quick to support the effort.”