Holley sixth-grader says at-home learning has been tough for students and their families

Posted 3 June 2020 at 10:04 pm


This pandemic is affecting families a lot! I mean A LOT! I know this is a very difficult time we are all going through! But we just got to deal with it!

I think you guys should all listen to this quote “Everything will be OK. Stay safe, stay calm, and have faith we will get through this.” This is an amazing quote. I think being positive and staying safe is the best way to get through this.

I know lots of kids hate at home learning! I mean I do! I hate how our teachers can’t be there when we need help with our work like they would be if we were at school. When your teachers aren’t there to help you, your family is trying to teach you and help you out. But they have lots of work, too.

Most families can’t go to work so they must work from home. According to Care Manager of Mental Health Alan Girangaya, “Now that I am working from home it becomes a balancing act where I have to organize my time to make sure both my work and the at home learning work is completed when needed.”

I know when lots of people work on the same WiFi or are constantly on the internet (which we must be on now). It can boot you off Zoom meetings or automatically closes whatever you are on and it doesn’t save it. Or, like me, when you try to submit something it doesn’t go through so you have to do it again.

After all of this happens, you just don’t want to give up. But you can’t because it’s a grade and you don’t want to fail! Meanwhile your families are telling you to deal with it and to just do it!

Or lots of families can’t get any food and they are going hungry. This affects their whole family. Mr. Girangaya responded saying, “the free food services are a wonderful service in this difficult time.” “

Also, it isn’t just affecting them physically it is also affecting them emotionally. Lots of people are upset and sad and just want to be left alone and who can blame them.

The Covid-19 cases are spreading fast and people are worried about their families that live in other states and countries. This virus is scaring lots of people! Also, you can’t visit family or celebrate birthdays with your family face to face. Now people are celebrating online using face time, Zoom, and many more websites and apps.

I hope all of you reading this will stay positive and stay safe and don’t worry about a thing we will get through this together! Stay calm and try to do something new this is a great opportunity to learn something new!

Lastly Mr. Girangaya would like to give some advice to all families out there that are suffering during this difficult time. He said, “I want to tell them to hang in there.”

He would also like to say, “you’re not alone and there are services and resources out there you can use.”

Again, this is affecting a lot of families in many ways! So, stay positive it will make us all feel better about this situation.

Elena Girangaya

Holley sixth-grader, Mrs. Grillo’s homeroom