Holley senior reacts to announcement that students won’t be back to school this year

Posted 1 May 2020 at 6:48 pm

Advice to younger students: ‘Don’t take time in high school for granted’

Provided photos: Holley seniors celebrate in the gym after the class won the homecoming competition this fall.

(Editor’s Note: Morgan Cary, a senior at Holley, wrote this piece today after news from Gov. Andrew Cuomo that school buildings would be closed the rest of the school year. The schools have been closed since March 16 with students working on school work at home or remotely. Morgan plans to be an education major this fall at Genesee Community College. To send a Pandemic Perspective to the Orleans Hub, email news@orleanshub.com.)

By Morgan Cary, Holley senior

Morgan Cary

Dear fellow seniors,

On a half day in March we went home excited for a three-day weekend and upset that the musical was being postponed. The next Tuesday we were told that we are having a two-week break due to the Coronavirus. We were excited! Who wouldn’t be, two weeks off! Slowly those two weeks turned into seven and now those seven weeks of online learning are turning into the rest of our senior year.

Senior year. The year everyone waits for. The year that makes the past 3 years all worth it. The year you’re supposed to win homecoming, the year you take your class picture, have your senior nights, skip days, senior picnic, senior prank, senior prom, graduation parties, senior yearbook and the year you’re supposed to graduate.

Graduation. The day you walk across the stage in front of the people you’ve known forever, the teachers who have helped you along the way and your family who has supported you. The day you get your diploma and celebrate all that you have accomplished. Finally getting to throw your cap up in the air and say goodbye.

Goodbye. You’re supposed to prepare for the goodbye. Saying bye to every teacher, every person you’ve met along the way and saying goodbye to the place you spent so many hours at. Saying goodbye to your home field or court, your stage, and all the fun times you had. Now we have had no time to prepare for these goodbyes. We had no idea that half day was our goodbye to the place and people we’ve known forever. Will they remember us? What impact have we left? What legacy will the class of 2020 leave behind?

Our legacy. Not only is the class of 2020 going to leave legacy that will never be forgotten, but we will make sure that future students know what we went through. We will make sure they don’t take their time in high school for granted. We will make sure they don’t forget what they have because in a split second, that can all be taken away from them. We will make sure they know to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Lifetime. That is what we have ahead of us. A lifetime full of opportunities. Look ahead. We all have a bright future. If we can get through this, we can get through anything. Together we are the Holley Central School District Class of 2020 and we will not be forgotten.

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