Holley school budget holds tax levy steady

By Kristina Gabalski, Correspondent Posted 23 April 2015 at 12:00 am

HOLLEY – The Holley Central School District Board of Education has adopted a $23.3 million budget for the 2015-2016 school year.

Holley residents will vote on the budget, Board of Education candidates and other propositions on May 19 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the Holley Middle School/High School Foyer.

The budget includes a 0 percent increase in the tax levy and overall spending is down 7.06 percent or $1.77 million from the 2014-15 budget while maintaining current services.

According to district budget information, $1.4 million was used from the Appropriated Fund Balance to balance the budget.

Sharon Zacher, district assistant superintendent for business, says the reduction in the budget was possible without cuts because the district, “… chose to pay down additional debt,” in 2014-15. She says putting the budget together is, “challenging every year,” but the district is pleased with this year’s results.

In a letter to residents from the Board of Education, members state, “At this time, we are in the best shape we have ever been in. Soon we will begin Phase III of our Capital Project. Our district is financially sound and our physical plant and grounds are in very good condition.”

The Board of Education annual meeting, including a public hearing on the budget, will be 6 p.m. on May 5 in the Board Room located in the District Office.