Holley residents asked to help stop vandalism at canal park, community

Posted 30 August 2022 at 8:36 pm


Sunday morning, as mayor, I received a call from the Holley Police Department reporting another night of vandalism.

One of the new buntings on the gazebo had been ripped down and another had been singed. A window in the building housing park bathrooms had been broken. It is not the first time that that window had been broken. In fact, it had just recently been replaced. Lastly, a light along the canal path had been smashed.

Monday morning, as mayor, I received another report that a different light had been smashed on the canal path and numerous windows had been broken on a home on South Main Street. All of this in two days’ time!

How many Monday mornings do we find members of the village work crew repainting picnic tables in the park because someone thought it was “funny” to paint obscenities on them?

As taxpayers, think about the cost of materials and labor to repair the damage and the time taken away from other important village projects. We, and the whole village crew, work hard to make the Village and its parks an inviting “family setting” for residents and guests.

However, vandals are ruining this image. Chief Barton and our officers have been making hourly drives along the canal path. We can not do this alone, though, so we need your help.

If you see or hear anything suspicious call 911 and report it. If and when we need to take further actions, we will. Together we can end this streak of vandalism.

Respectfully submitted,

Village of Holley Board

Trustee Jim DeFilipps

Trustee Rochelle Moroz

Trustee John Morriss

Deputy Mayor Connie Nenni

Mayor Mark Bower