Holley recognizes 3 students and teacher

By Kristina Gabalski, Correspondent Posted 26 November 2015 at 12:00 am

Photos by Kristina Gabalski – Ruthie Miller, Mikayla Auch, Holley Middle School/High School Principal Susan Cory, and Makenzie Ferranti are shown during a recent Board of Education meeting.

HOLLEY – Three students have been recognized by the Holley Central School Board of Education with this month’s Soaring to New Heights Award.

Eighth-graders Mikayla Auch and Ruthie Miller and 11th-grader Makenzie Ferranti received their certificates at the Nov. 16 meeting of the Board.

Mikayla runs with Ruthie, who is visually impaired, for practice, facilitating Ruthie’s participation on the school’s cross country team. Makenzie runs with Ruthie during competitions allowing Mikayla to compete.

“Ruthie doesn’t let anything slow her down,” Holley Middle School/High School Principal Susan Cory said.

The awards recognize the students for going above and beyond expectations and for lending their skills and abilities to help others. Ruthie was recognized especially for her “great spirit,” Cory said.

Board member Melissa Ierlan said she frequently sees the girls out running as part of their training. “Way to go Ruthie,” Ierlan said.

Mike Crissman and Susan Cory during the award presentation on Nov. 16.

Social Studies teacher Mike Crissman also received a Soaring to New Heights Award

for his dedication to his students and his exceptional efforts in preparing them for college and life beyond high school.

“Mr. Crissman works really hard with his students and let’s them know he believes they can do anything they set their mind to,” Cory said in presenting the award.

Board President Brenda Swanger said Mr. Crissman started his career at Holley when Swanger’s daughter was in school. “We are so proud you are here at Holley,” she said.

“You make them work hard,” Board member John Heise said of Crissman’s students, “but they also notice that you work hard.”