Holley man, 24, sentenced to jail for burglary

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 28 April 2015 at 12:00 am

ALBION – A Holley man who broke into an Albion house and stole guns was sentenced to six months in jail, with the sentence to start May 9, a day after he takes his college final exams.

Orleans County Court Judge James Punch on Monday gave Jacob Haundenshield, 24, the six months in jail despite a request from Haundenshield’s attorney, Michael O’Keefe, for probation and no jail time.

The victim of the crime, a 77-year-old man, asked the judge for leniency in sentencing Haundenshield.

“I’m 77 and my days are waning,” the man told the court during sentencing. “I want him to have a fresh start. He’s 24 and just starting out in life.”

The man said he has been affected by the crime. Some of the guns, which date back more than 50 years, haven’t been recovered.

“My personal space was violated,” he said.

Haundenshield apologized for his actions.

“I’m really sorry for everything that has happened,” he said.

Judge Punch said the crime of third-degree burglary warranted time in jail. Haundenshield will also be on probation for 5 years and must pay $7,609 in restitution.

“You see the effect it has on people,” Punch told Haundenshield about the crime. “Their sense of security is gone. This man worked hard for his property and you walk in and take it.”

After the sentencing, Haundenshield’s mother walked up to the man who was burglarized and hugged him.