Holley Elementary does great job honoring veterans, even without usual assembly

Posted 11 November 2020 at 8:28 pm


Every year the Holley Elementary School has held a Veterans Day assembly to honor veterans associated in some way with Holley or the school.

Several years ago, my granddaughter asked me to participate. Who can refuse a 6-year-old?  The assembly greatly exceeded my expectations. To see all the children, teachers, staff, and other veterans joined by song and verse, is heart humbling.

For the past several years I have looked forward to this assembly. Covid-19 put a hold on any assembly for this year.

Holley Elementary School has more than made up for this limitation. There is a veterans’ tribute on their web site. It too humbles.

Please do two things: 1) go to the Holley Central School District web site (holleycsd.org) and click the Elementary School Veterans Day Celebration under latest news and watch their work.  2) please honor those at Holley Elementary School for this unbelievable work. It is wonderful.

Thank you and God bless all.

Kevin Foley