Holley Central receives $441K grant for wellness initiatives

Posted 25 April 2014 at 12:00 am

Press release, Holley Central School

HOLLEY – The Holley Central School District has been awarded $441,000 in the first year of a multi-year federal grant called the Carol White Physical Education (PEP) grant. This grant promotes both physical fitness and nutrition.

Monies provided by the grant will enable the district to focus on after-school, Saturday, and summer recreation and nutrition-based activities involving partnerships with the Holley Recreation Program, the Orleans County Cooperative Extension, Orleans County Mental Health and the district’s own food service vendor, Personal Touch.

This is the second time Holley Central has been awarded the PEP grant. The last time was in 2003 when the district received $392,000 for its “Holley Achieves Wellness and Knowledge” initiative which focused on fitness and life-time activities.

“The link between good nutrition, physical fitness and academic performance cannot be denied,” said Holley District Superintendent Robert D’Angelo. “There is no doubt about it – these are the factors that impact student success and that’s why we pursue opportunities like this so aggressively. We operate on a philosophy that requires us to continually find ways to supplement taxpayer’s dollars in meaningful ways and that’s why we do so with special emphasis on fitness and nutrition. These are the things that greatly matter when it comes to academic success.”

Holley recently received a three-year General Mills grant which helped the district fund a new fitness test called the Fitnessgram. This test will help the district fulfill the evaluation phase of the Pep Grant.

“We are moving in the right direction and teaching students about fitness and nutrition in a way that sticks with them and influences their choices so they’re getting the nutrition and fitness they need to succeed,” said Lisa Campbell, Health and Physical Education chairperson at Holley Central. “Without our superintendent’s support and knowledge in nutrition and fitness to improve learning, we would not have succeeded in receiving this grant.”

Once the PEP money is received later this year, the district will begin to implement programs outlined in its application program which was entitled “Fit 4 U”. The “Fit 4 U” program will serve approximately 1,200 students in Pre-K through grade 12 for up to three years. Programs will take place at Holley Elementary School and the Middle School/High School and will focus on increasing students’ daily activity as well as their consumption of fruits and vegetables.

“Our goal is to keep building on past successes, one after the other, so we can continually move forward,” added D’Angelo. “Thanks to dedicated staff like Lisa Campbell who spearheaded this effort, we are making great strides in positively impacting student success.”