Holley candidate says he would push for many improvements in village

Posted 8 June 2018 at 4:05 pm


As the United States experiences great economic successes and brings businesses back into the Union, let us as The Village of Holley do the same with our great community!

My name is Shawn O’Mara and I am running to be Holley’s next Mayor. I could talk about how I graduated from Holley High School, and that I lived in Holley my entire life or my 20-plus years as a “think on my feet” problem-solver for multiple police departments, but instead I want the Holley community to ask themselves two questions posed by your current administration.

The incumbent would have you believe that Holley is a “better place to live” and a “better place to do business.”

Question 1, do you feel Holley is a better place to live? I’m not sure it is. The village community deserves better than:

• Deteriorated roads

• Broken curbs

• Non-existent sidewalks

• Damaged water systems

• Outdated electrical facilities

• Uncared for parks

Question 2, do you feel Holley is a better place to do business?  These two questions are important because the answer to one drives a solution for the other.

• We lost our only bank, grocery store and bakery.

In order to turn this village around we have put together a team that is results-driven and solution-oriented, through accountability to the taxpayers.

The number of projects we complete or the amount of funding we bring in through grants means nothing if the taxpayers do not see and feel the results! My team will give better roads, we will restore ALL sidewalks and curbs, we will return our parks to a place people are proud to bring their families for a picnic and we will fix the outdated infrastructure in a manner which does not raise taxes.

To Make Holley Great Again we will need to execute a phased approach. This is what I call the “Infrastructure Phase.” I mentioned above great infrastructure brings people who want to do business in the Village of Holley, the answer to question #1 is the solution to question #2!

This is the promise my team is making to the Village of Holley, our friends, our neighbors!

Elect Shawn O’Mara, Alexa Downey and Robin Schubmehl and together we will Make Holley Great Again! #MHGA

I hope we can get your vote on June 19.


Shawn O’Mara