Hillary Clinton presidency would be an attack on religious freedoms

Posted 14 October 2016 at 9:07 am


I am shocked regarding the Wiki-leaks dump and the reaction of the mainstream media, the Democratic Party’s response to it, and the hypocrisy of not only the “liberal left”, but of the people who still, unbelievably, support Hillary Clinton.

It was recently revealed that not only did the Clinton campaign collude with the media on debate questions and slanting of coverage by The NY Times, MSNBC, Univision, and ABC “journalists” as well as other supposed “trusted” media outlets, but the Justice Department, the DNC Chair and even the Obama Administration itself.

And yet, readers of this Hub as well as zombies addicted to the MSM (Mainstream Media) still believe that Donald Trump is a “threat” because of lewd comments from years ago, despite the obvious desensitization of our country regarding basic principles such as morals, decency and religious liberty.  Do any of you hear yourselves?

Clinton and her campaign detest religious freedom. Her entire reign as “Princess” of the Democratic Party has been revealed in such a way that the book, “The Emperor has no clothes on”, does not give the phrase the justice it sought to warn us against.

I am disgusted.  And the fact that regular people, my own neighbors even, still support this corrupt system scares me to death.

News flash to anyone who relies on NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN:  They are in the tank trying to keep her on the offence of the Trump campaign.

You are not aware of social media and the outcry of the rest of us citizens who are appalled by what it really going on here. Want to know what that is? Check out Fox News, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  There, you will find an army of people who are also scared to death that Clinton may become our worst president ever, corrupt to the core, owned by every country and for sale to anyone who wants a favor.

She favors globalism. George Soros is financing a huge part of her campaign. And the globalist agenda extends all the way to the Vatican, which has been infested by anti-life, “climate” experts and anti-religion heretics hell-bent on destroying not only our country, but religion and the world itself. Because control is all they want.

Indeed, distract everyone by “climate change” and BLM, to “anti-women” and anti-choice policies, and the least informed will simply pull the Democrat lever at the polls.

Hey church goers: elect Clinton and your choice to go to church will be considered a “hate crime”.

How about abortion at 8 1/2 months of gestation? All fine by Clinton, and in fact, pull out the babies even if they are still viable.

Climate change a problem? Get ready to pay quadruple for gas and servicing for the car in your driveway.

If Clinton, God help us, is elected, the country we know will be in the hands of the UN. They hate religion, the struggling middle class, and of course, CHOICE of how you want to live in peace.

They are all about CONTROL. And I cannot believe that my own county is falling for it.

Kim Kennedy