Hill says she has experience and commitment to serve Ridgeway well as Town Clerk

Posted 28 October 2021 at 12:24 pm


By this point in election season, most of Ridgeway has seen my name in neighbors’ yards or in the paper, and while I have met many residents, there are still people that do not know me and know why I am running for Ridgeway Town Clerk.

I am Hannah Hill – wife, mom, Ridgeway resident and homeowner. I have lived in Orleans County my whole life and have been a registered Republican and active voter since I turned 18. A few years back, I had the pleasure of working for the Town of Ridgeway as the Second Deputy Clerk under Barb Klatt, as well as being the code enforcement clerk and water clerk. I was regularly required to perform the duties of the Town Clerk and became comfortable in the various offices at the Town Hall, how they work together and how the Clerk’s office supports all other aspects of the Town.

The knowledge I acquired in that position, combined with years in the banking industry and a bachelor’s degree in business management, I feel has prepared me to take on this role with confidence and competence. I am organized and hardworking, and will bring professionalism and initiative to the Town Clerk’s office.

This role is one that requires attention to detail, knowledge, accuracy, and a helpful attitude. I am committed to bringing those qualities to the people of Ridgeway and serving with joy. As the Town Clerk, I will make sure everyone who walks into the Town Hall will be taken care of with efficiency and kindness.

The town’s Republican Committee endorsement, support from many within the Town Hall, and the Primary Election results show that there are numerous others who believe I would be a great asset to the Town. I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received so far, and I ask for your continued support and for your vote on Tuesday. I would be honored to be your next Town Clerk.


Hannah Hill