Highway superintendents rally in Albany for more state road, bridge funding

Provided photos: Pictured from left include Dale Root, Shelby highway superintendent; Tracy Chalker, Clarendon highway superintendent; Assemblyman Steve Hawley; and Mike Neidert, Albion highway superintendent.

Posted 8 March 2023 at 3:08 pm

Information from Assemblyman Steve Hawley and Assemblyman Mike Norris

ALBANY – Assemblyman Steve Hawley (R,C-Batavia) rallied today with the Assembly and Senate Minority in the call for an increased allocation of funds for local roads and bridges as part of this year’s budget. Local roads and bridges are often in disrepair and require support from the state to help with maintenance and management, and Hawley believes the budget should allocate for it.

“I am imploring the legislature and the governor to include an additional $200 million for local road and bridge maintenance and an additional $70 million for Extreme Winter Recovery,” Hawley said. “With the governor’s proposed budget of $228 billion it would behoove the legislature and governor to assure the $270 million is made available for our local roads and bridges that our taxpayers travel every day.”

Assemblyman Mike Norris (far right) of Lockport rallies at the State Capitol with Lockport Highway Superintendent Dave Miller and Assemblyman Angelo Morinello.

Assemblyman Mike Norris (R,C-Lockport) issued this statement:

“For the future of our state, it’s essential that this budget gets back to basics. Safe, passable roads, bridges and culverts and sewers that provide drainage from flooding and protect our water supply are the basic services our government should provide along with public protection measures.

“With the extreme weather events we have experienced all across our state, but particularly in Western New York, this is not the time to cut or hold flat funding for the programs that provide this fundamental money. As the Ranking Member of the Assembly Transportation Committee, I’ve been working hard to encourage my colleagues this budget season to make smart investments to rebuild, restore and revitalize our local infrastructure along with continued expansion of our broadband. These services are essential to every New Yorker and critical for our economic success.”