Hickory Ridge honors the memory of long time employee Tom “Dobber” Dobson

Contributed Story Posted 17 May 2021 at 11:24 am

Contributed Photo – Tom “Dobber” Dobson’s widow Bonnie and their children, from left, Todd, Shelley and Jeff stand at the bench which was dedicated in his memory on Sunday at Hickory Ridge.

Tom ‘Dobber’ Dobson was a fixture for almost 20 years  in the pro shop at Hickory Ridge.  For most of that time he was the manager of the shop making sure that everyone knew their jobs and the shop was stocked for the incoming golfers.

Dobber passed away last year after a courageous medical fight that saw extended hospitalizations. On Sunday, friends and family came together at the course to dedicate a bench in his honor and to remember the good man that everyone loved.

Bonnie Dobson, Tom’s widow reflected on how she misses Dobber.  “We did everything together”, she said.

 Standing with her children at the bench she thanked all the friends who have reached out to her in the short time after his death.  She thanked members of the group for the many calls, letters and cards that she received.  She recognized her family, sons Jeff and Todd and daughter Shelley, for their support as they were standing with her at the bench.

“Jeff was my go-to guy around the house, Todd was my ‘pool guy’ and Shelley kept me going on handing all the other chores.”  “I would have been lost without them,” she said.

Shortly after Dobson’s death pro shop employee Bob Engle, another long time employee of the pro shop,  suggested that  a bench on the course for golfers would be  a way to honor the man.  He approached the Diehl family, owners of Hickory Ridge, and asked for their permission to place the bench.  Management agreed for the bench to be placed in Dobson’s honor and also agreed to pay for it.

 Engle handled the arrangements.  “Dobber was my friend, he was everyone’s friend.”   “This is an appropriate way to remember him and I’m thankful to the Diehl family for recognizing his importance to those of us who knew and loved him.”

Cindy Diehl, a representative of the Diehl family, spoke of the honor it was for her to speak of her good friend Dobber.  “Dobber was the backbone of the pro shop” she said.  She talked about him being her right hand man making sure the customers were well taken care of and that the shop was stocked for the golfers.

 “Dobber was always in charge of the tournaments,” she said.  It was his responsibly to make sure that the organizations who booked the course were well taken care of and had the best experience.  “He was the best, a true friend and a man of integrity”.

At the conclusion of the ceremony  final words were said and the crowd was asked to have a seat at the bench at the next time they were golfing.  “Have a seat and talk things over with Dobber,” an organizer said.  “Remember the good man that he was.”