Heritage Wind gets favorable ruling by judge to keep 33-turbine project intact

Posted 17 December 2021 at 10:22 am


On December 9, 2021 the Administrative Law Judges on the Heritage Wind case ruled in their Recommended Decision that six proposed turbines in Barre do not need to be removed from the project!

The ruling was based on Heritage Wind having provided the burden of proof that was needed to support this finding based on other projects in New York State, peer reviewed studies, and other cases around the Country. I would like to commend the judges for their sound decision making on this matter.

Many residents have worked hard to make this project happen in our Town and it would be shameful if the Office of Renewable Energy Siting took 20% of this project away based on arbitrary reasoning that was brought to the case in the eleventh hour.

I am urging ORES to approve the Heritage Wind project as contemplated in the Draft Permit with all 33 turbine locations. Heritage Wind will reduce our Town taxes, help generational farms stay in operation, and help our State reach its necessary climate goals of 70% renewables by 2030.

Chris Loss