Heart cookies support Arc GLOW during Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

By Ginny Kropf, correspondent Posted 6 March 2022 at 9:10 am

Photo by Ginny Kropf: Nicole Tuohey holds one of the heart cutout cookies her mother made at Case-Nic Cookies to benefit the Arc Glow program. The promotion is in observance of March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

MEDINA – March is being observed nationwide as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and a Medina mother and daughter are again honoring those with disabilities.

Mary Lou Tuohey owns Case-Nic Cookies in Medina, and annually, with the help of her daughter Nicole, sponsors fundraisers to benefit The Arc.

Nicole was born with Triple X Syndrome, and doctors told her parents at 3 weeks of age she may never walk, talk, read, write or do math. Her mother said at that point the family was determined Nicole would never be labeled “disabled” and would live as normal a life as possible.

Nicole is now 31 and has done all of what doctors said she wouldn’t do – and more. She has danced for 26 years, plays baseball, bowls, rides a horse, swims and rides a bike. She volunteers for different events at the Arc and takes part in fundraisers at her mother’s store to benefit the agency serving people with disabilities. This includes links she makes at the holidays to sell and string together down the block.

Nicole attended Rainbow Preschool from the age of 3 months to 5 years and currently attends Day Hab through the Arc GLOW.

Now, during March Case-Nic Cookies is selling frosted cutout heart cookies for $1 in their “Have a Heart Campaign” to benefit the Arc GLOW programs. The campaign runs through March 31. A basket raffle is also taking place through March 18 and tickets are on sale at Case-Nic for $10 for a sheet of 25. Items are on display in Case-Nic’s window.

During the pandemic, Mary Lou designed the basket raffle so people could sign up for tickets outside the store and drop their name and money through a slot in the door.

Mary Lou urges everyone to support Nicole’s fundraiser and in honor of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.

“Until you have walked in the shoes of those with a disability, don’t judge them by the way they look, the way they do something or the way they might communicate their needs,” she said.

Heart cookies may also be ordered by calling (585) 798-1676.