Health Department: TA Travel Center in Pembroke sold gas with too much water

Posted 12 April 2022 at 1:42 pm

Press Release, Genesee & Orleans County Health Departments

PEMBROKE – On April 11th, the Genesee County Health Department Weights and Measures Department received a complaint from a customer that purchased fuel from the TA Travel Center (8420 Alleghany Road) in Corfu on April 6. After purchasing fuel, the car sustained damaged due to a high level of water in the fuel.

After further investigation by Weights and Measures, the TA Travel Center received a similar complaint on April 6 and completed an investigation. Weights and Measures found that there was water in the fuel tank above the New York State limit and the establishment immediately discontinued pulling fuel from the problem tank on April 7.

Customers are asked to contact the TA Travel Center at 585-599-4577 and to select option 4 if they purchased regular (87 octane) or mid-grade (89 octane) fuel at this station from April 6-7 and your vehicle required repairs. Proof of purchase and vehicle repair is needed to file the claim.