Health Department straying into politics instead of mission

Posted 6 April 2022 at 7:58 am


What is going on at our health department? I knew years ago when the county was sending our health department head to the far left Robert Wood Johnson Foundation indoctrination conventions that down the line there would be trouble.

I even bit my tongue when our health department was going after business and individuals during the lockdowns of the Covid fiasco. It’s well known.

The article on April 5 about National Public Heath Week is the last straw. Our health department head condoning this dangerous woke far left agenda and trying to pass it off as a health issue is plain Bull. Tell me what imaginary Racial Inequities have to do with health? What does that mean anyway. Last I remember two fellow Americans were elected to the Albion Village Board on the content of their character and ideas.

Celebrate by protecting our earth and “climate change”? When I hear those two words come out of an adults mouth I’m beside myself. The religion of climate change is just plain wrong and silly. Is this San Francisco or is it Orleans County?

Is Orleans County so far to the left now that it is no different than Monroe County or the Democratic Party? Read this article. It’s a combination of Democratic Party, Globalist UN propaganda and NGO indoctrination all rolled up into one.

The word equity is mentioned a lot of this article. It does not mean equal. It’s a bad word and it means one race and gender has to be held down while pushing other races and genders to the front and top. By the way there are only two genders: male and female.

The invasion and conquering of our country that’s going on the southern border is an example of “Equity” against the population that makes up the majority of this country. This is the upside down world we live in brought to you by the treasonous woke Biden Administration.

How many other departments in our county are riddled with this type of woke, PC and propagandist garbage? I’ll bet all of them and the people that work there are too afraid to say anything for fear of being canceled.

How on earth could our Republican Legislature let a department head put his endorsement to something so decisive, full of outright lies, fantasy, racist and in-your-face propaganda?

Nothing in that article has anything to do with public health only indoctrination. Unless you are drinking the Kool Aid.

This wokeness propaganda does not represent the values that the Republican Conservative voters in this county expect. The Republican Legislature that is in charge of these agencies better do something about it because it poses a real danger to common sense and civil society.

Paul Lauricella